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LINDSEY KÜSTER, OWNER (formally Lindsey Behrends)

Since completing my BFA in graphic design in 2005, I have gained experience working with a variety of clients and industries all over the world. I recently left my gig as front-end web developer with Transworld Media to pursue my freelance business full-time.

I have a great deal of affection for and experience with typography, clean design, and problem solving. My real passion is merging art and technology and not only getting them to cooperate but also to live happily together. While my educational background is in the arts, I have always had an analytical side. I got my start in web programming through Flash Actionscripting (way back when Macromedia owned it). Once I realized Flash websites were not going to be the wave of the future I dove into HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a little PHP on the side. I continue to stay up to date on the quickly changing standards and evolving technology. It seemed only natural to me that if I was going to be designing websites I should be the one building them.

In the past I have lived in Switzerland, Slovenia, California, North Carolina and New York. Currently I am located in Munich, Germany and work with clients all around the world.

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